Lawrenceville, GA


 Club History

Our Founding:

  • An initial meeting was held at Hotel Ewing on December 4, 1922 for the purpose of discussing the organization of a Kiwanis Club in Lawrenceville.
  • A second meeting was held on December 8 with over fifty gentlemen in attendance with a speaker from the Kiwanis organization, Mr. George A. Selig of Knoxville to explain the workings of Kiwanis.  The banquet cost the individuals 75 cents each.  Every businessman in Lawrenceville was urged to attend.
  • Twenty-five gentlemen committed to becoming members if the club was organized.  Committees were formed and tasked to return with reports at a future meeting.
  • On December 19, 1922, the Club was organized under a temporary charter and Officers were elected.  There were thirty-eight original members.
  • The Lawrenceville Kiwanis Club received their official charter on May 25, 1923.
  • F. Quill Sammon,a local businessman, who served as Mayor of Lawrencvlle for fifteen years as well as a member of the Legislature and as a State Sentator was elected as our first President.

Early Projects:

The projects sponsored and supported by Lawrenceville Kiwanis Club are too numerous to publicize in a small web site about our club.  Below are just a very few of the highlights:

  • Road projects - Sponsored and supported building, widening, and paving roads all over Gwinnett County and paving all Lawrenceville streets.
  • Supported farmers and assisted with raising and feeding dairy cattle, using proper seed corn, managing farmland, encouraging farm management of forest land, & controlling forest fires.
  • Supported 4-H clubs (sent boys and girls to summer camps) and Boy Scout programs (purchased and provided a bus for Scouts.)
  • Worked for and sponsored new Post Office building, new school buildings and facilities, new City Hall building, Buford Dam, and playgrounds.
  • Promoted and accomplished a County-Wide Chamber of Commerce.
  • Promulgated Bond Issues for a County-Wide Water System and the Gwinnett Hospital Authority.